10 Reasons Why Obama Chose KU Over UON. Number 8 Will Surprise You

After a lot of speculation, it is now clear that US president will visit Kenyatta University. But a keener look into the reasons why he chose KU over UoN reveals more than just meets the eye. Here are ten reasons why Kenyatta University is the preferred choice for the world’s most powerful leaders, Obama included.

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  1. Kenyatta University is the only Kenyan University whose ultra modern Administration Complex has a helipad, which can make it possible for Obama to access the university directly from the air, if he so wishes, as well as expansive well manicured fields, where his Marine A aircrafts can land and make sure everything is in place before he visits the institution. Apparently, the construction of UoN’s 21 storey post modern administration Complex that may have a helipad, is yet to be completed.
  2. Kenyatta University has vast international linkages, with KU Foundation, launched in 2012 in US, being playing a big role in deepening relations between the university and the many US institutions, white house topping the list. In fact, Obama makes more calls to KU than State House.
  3. Kenyatta University is the only Kenyan University with the latest state of the art facilities, which have put it on a global map, as one Africa’s fastest rising Universities. Some Nairobi based university has the same buildings donated by the British government, when it was a satellite campus of some Ugandan University.
  4. The University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Olive Mugenda, has served at the Association of Commonwealth Universities, where, as a pioneer woman administrator of an African public University, has shone and won accolades locally and internationally. Obama loves people who make progress, donge?
  5. Kenyatta University is the only Kenyan University with a conference facility (The Amphitheatre) that can accommodate 6000 delegates at a time, and this makes it ideal for Presidents and prominent itineraries to address many people at a time.
  6. Kenyatta University is located along East and Central Africa’s largest and most modern superhighway (Thika Highway), which most probably will make it easy for the heavy Obama motorcade to escort him flawlessly to the World Class University.
  7. Kenyatta University has maintained close relations with the US embassy, and has been offering vast consultations on diplomatic relations to the US ambassador to Kenya, Bob Godec. They did not choose advice from some a university whose students stone more cars than the marks they score.
  8. Obama may have thought that KUSA leadership is more sober, and does not encourage students to urinate on trees and commit suicide. To avoid embarrassment, he chose the only university with visionary leaders.
  9. Media reports that goons control a University annexed to State House and “jackpot” events may have informed security decisions to choose a more secure venue, where students love studies, business and engage intellectually. In fact, Prof Ngugi, while delivering a lecture recently said, “KU may be the Harvard of Africa”.
  10. Old Universities are better off as Museums. So, there was no wisdom in choosing a museum as a conference facility. How can he come there to admire the artifacts, to remind him of his classes in History and Archaeology.

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