Larry Madowo Gets Roasted On Facebook For Failing To Answer A Fans Question And Instead Exposes Him

Larry Madowo is one TV personality who is mostly hated for how he handles issues. Right from TV interviews to social media questions posted to him by his followers and fans, Larry has been blamed for arrogance and pride something his fans have always reminded him comes before a fall.

A student from Moi University posted a question to Larry and wanted his help in answering the question. As much as my guess is as good as yours, I think the student was maybe doing an assignment or just had a question that troubled him much to the extent of seeking professional help. However, 6 days down the line, Larry could not respond to his question and this prompted the student to use rather unfriendly words to tell him it was not a must for him to answer. Larry being learned enough decided to expose the student. What followed was not so friendly to Larry. Here is what ensued.

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Asher Wuod Jane Larry thats a simple genuine question ni ujaluo na maringo ndogo ndogo zinakusumbua….

Anita Saitoo Mtoto Mzuri Since you saw the insult means you also saw the first message at times we admire you guys esp you larry i don’t think it’s okay for you to have ignored him i also feel bad the young man is rude both of you are at fault here remember it’s us who make …

Ashnitah Ayraitah Anitah Kwevitah Larry answering him wont cause u anythng..

Ngugi Thiong’o If you can’t simply answer a student a question what good can you do to Youths of this country? Lower you pride and answer her.

Donald Oluoch Lloyd is as lazy as they come…..cant research…used to spoon feeding

Purity Peter Am one big fun of your show Larry. But being honest or rather transparent you only saw his second post? What about the first? He has been patient enough from 5th to 12th.he felt you ignored him and am sure you did.even before posting this you could ans….

Mumbi Lillian Giving him a simple ansa wunt cause you any harm. Shida ya yinyi celeb ni tumaringo twingi.

Githaiga Mwangi Answer her question and ignore the latter

Muthoni Wanjiku Larry stop being petty and answer the guy, it must have been a class assignment. i thought you are a mentor? posting his messages for the public shows your arrogance and pride and thats not a good image. smh

Kanya Ndong Dorck It is only in nigeria where rich men just marry poor girls they find walking along the roads!

Shanny Silvia Hardwell Larry Madowo I met this cnn photographer Nick Klaus via facebook from an interview he had with Sheila n Kobi. He changed my life he mentored me, he was my stepping stone. I forever pray n respect him since he had an impact life. rem.a CNN senior photographer, he is down to earth; sasa wewe just a news anchor/ watever in kenya? n you.cant help a soul?

Ludia Luther enyewe si ungemjibu tu badala ya kupost hapa

Abdull Abdi Larry surely feb 5th to 12th feb.. Ungemjibu hangekushow hivyo na kaa haukua umjibu ungemshow u dont have idea.. Simple as tht..

Jared Nyachieo …and you what do you want us to tell you?

Bernard Koech As a matter of urgency tell him to register with a course in social ethics before he graduate because sioni akifika mahali.

Wairegi Julius why take teh whole day ansering someone, it is better you close your account if you dont have time to answer bask

Sharon Kimuyu you shud have given him a response atleast,,,,six days huh,,waiting for a reply ..too long ama ulikua unataka ulambwe pia hahahahahaha

Mary Mongeli the question wz asked in privacy know this? mazee its not fair the stdnt trusted you or u might be hz role model!!!!!!!!!! nktsssssssss

Kenda Vin Someone trust you and asks a quiz then you ignore for 6 days??The Trend will surely kill your career with pride..Nktest

Jemish Mueni Jemmy Arsenal u are damn boring larry… iscariot happend to be ua blood donor nkt

Victor Mchelsea Etemesi tell him media cya mama yake

Simon Dyke Njenga I see it has finally gone to your head..neither of you is in the right but he can simply deactivate his on the other hand..teren..keep at it my friend and watch your star plummet


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