William Samoei Ruto

4 Things You Didn’t Know About William Samoei Ruto And The Rift Valley Politics

  1. He was born on Dec 21st 1966
  2. He joined active politics in 1997 when he vied for the Eldoret North constituency seat and trashed the late Reuben Chesire (Gideon Moi’s uncle).
  3. He has never lost an election. As compared to his political opponents in the Rift Valley, Isaac Ruto– lost 2002 elections and Gideon Moi- lost 2007 election, Ruto has never lost any election.

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  1. In 2007, WSR single handedly humiliated the Moi family after he painted the whole Rift Valley orange (Read ODM) thus making all the Moi sons who were vying in Nakuru and Baring county to lose terribly.

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