A Top CNN Official comes to Kenya to deliver the much Awaited Apology, Personally

By Eve Kay-August 14, 2015

Many Kenyans were outraged when CNN came up with a story and referred to this great nation as the ‘Hotbed of Terror’. In turn, some Kenyans used social media to ensure that CNN would hear about what they had to say concerning the issue. Fortunately, CNN was kind enough to respond and yesterday, one of its top officials and specifically Tony Maddox the Managing Director and Executive Vice President was here. He had come to give an apology concerning the ‘Hotbed of Terror’ issue. In his statement, Maddox said that since the report created many negative issues, it had to be pulled down. He went on to claim that CNN did not intend on making Kenya look like a terrorist hotspot. In turn, President Uhuru responded and he said that together with other Kenyans had accepted the apology. It is high time that other media houses learn from this incident so that they only publish true information.


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