Activists and Bloggers Now Turned into Public Beggars: Alai Appeals For Financial Assistance

Recently, during the occupy parliament demos in protest against the passing of the security bill 2014, activists who participated in the demos were complaining that the CORD fraternity had ignored them after falling on the cruel hands of the police. Most of them were forced to fund their bailing out. Does this mean that bloggers and activists who come to the aid of politicians to help them pursue their agendas should be responsible for their own actions?

Most of these bloggers and activists have been turned into public beggars in order to buy their freedom once arrested. Case in point is the Allan Wadi case whose contribution has been running on Facebook so that he can at least hire a lawyer to appeal his 2 year jail sentence. Today, blogger Robert Alai was arrested for falsely linking someone to the recent Lang’ata land grab saga. Though he is yet to be arraigned in court tomorrow, the blogger has already started appealing for funds for his release on bail just in case that is granted. Unfortunately, most of his followers do not seem to have kind words for him.

This is what his new social media accounts manager posted on his Facebook page.

Alais release

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