Baba Dogo Is A No Go Zone! Bed Bug Menance Is The Order Of The Day

Are you planning to visit Baba Dogo any time soon or even worse, are you planning to relocate to this area? You need to rethink your decision because residents of this estate are now moving out en mass thanks to a one year bed bug menace. Since early 2013, residents of Baba Dogo have been playing body guitars something that has made most of them to seek refuge in other towns within the city.

Landlords in the area are said to be counting losses because the problem has ran out of control. It must also be noted that the problem has been very common in some of our higher institutions of learning such as KU and UoN. As a result, Kenyatta University had to import two bed bug fighting machines valued at 1.7M but we are yet to know if the situation is under control now.

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