Betrayal In The City! See How Raila Is Betraying Kalonzo And Wetang’ula By Working With Jubilee At Their Back

Raila Odinga is one smart guy who knows how to play his cards. He never discloses his game to those he seeks to work with. He hides some cards under table only for him to remove them secretly thus leaving you hopeless and dry. Ask the likes of Ruto and Mudavadi. They helped him push his political agenda in 2007 but what followed, only God knows.

He is never straight forward. And this has made the likes of Ababu to warn Luhya’s against following Raila and ODM blindly. Some wished him away, others saw what he meant. Kalonzo on the other hand is said to have held talks with Jubilee in a bid to cross over. When the deal failed to materialize, he publicly announced that he’d rather die 100 times than work with Jubilee.

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While all this is happening, President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed Raila’s sister Wenwa Akinyi Odinga to head Kenya Medical Research Institute Board. Is this not betrayal of the highest order? One would be forgiven to think that Kalonzo and Wetang’ula are doing any good by bad mouthing their people for accepting Jubilee appointments. At some point, Kalonzo belittled Eugine Wamalwa for accepting a ministerial job from UhuRuto. Now Raila’s own blood is set to join the same government they are busy fighting.

Here is a photo of the said Raila’s sister:

Others who have been appointed include daughter to former president Mwai Kibaki and Former politicians:

  1. Kalembe Ndile,
  2. Muskhari Kombo,
  3. Soita Shitanda,
  4. Omingo Magara,
  5. Mardsen Madoka among others.

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