Blogger Robert Alai Alleges that At Least 317 Students Were Killed In The Garissa University Attack

He is one man who is not new to controversies. From releasing the president’s personal contacts on social media to opposing the my dress my choice “Nonsense”, Robert Alai does not seek to please anyone. He never shies away from speaking his mind even if the whole 40 million Kenyan population opines otherwise.

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Huge Following

Even in his endless controversies, Alai has over the years attracted a huge following which also forms part of his sources for information. It must be remembered that during the Westgate attack, he was the only man the whole nation and especially those on twitter and to some extend some of our media houses, relied on for information. His tweets were acknowledged even by international media houses something that saw him featured on the front pages of several international newspapers.

The Garissa University Attack

As the nation continues to mourn the untimely death of students killed in cold blood by Al-shabaab militants in the Garissa University attack, most people are doubting the official figures given by the government as the number of those killed in the attack. However, no one has been bold enough to openly question the figures. Not even our investigative journalists.

Blogger Robert Alai, and whom I said has many sources for information, has now come out to give his “official death toll figures” as 317. That is according to one of his sources who happen to be a lecturer at Garissa University. Though we cannot confirm this, nothing could be further from the truth as we have seen on our TVs several parents claiming that their loved ones cannot be traced. They are neither in the rescued list nor among the dead.


What do you think about Alai’s allegations? Should we take him seriously or treat this as the usual hearsay?


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