Boniface Mwangi Seeks To Address Sexual Harassment By “Waheshimiwas” Using Donkeys

We all know him for speaking his mind when everyone else is afraid. He is one kind of a man who will do anything irrespective of who his actions will hurt. This however has never gone when will some of those who think they are “untouchable” in Kenya. He has been arrested and arraigned in court several times but that has never stopped him from speaking his mind and fighting for the rights of poor Kenyans. In most cases, he has organized demos and even used animals such as pigs to pass his message.

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In the wake of sexual harassment on women especially by honorable members of parliament, Bonnie has decided enough is enough. He is not going to sit back and watch it happen because he also was born by a woman, married a woman and has daughters and even female friends who can be victims tomorrow if we do not condemn this act.

Today, Bonnie shared a photos of donkeys and a zebra which bared not so kind words for the accused members of parliament. He went ahead to say that before the donkey was painted, a vet was involved and ascertained that the paint used was safe for the animal. He was even quick to warn those who have been saying that it is against human rights to use painted animals in demos or to pass their message that most of the cosmetics we consume today are tested on animals before being sold to humans. He further questioned why we see it as a bad habit yet we have been eating carcasses of the said animals in the name of food. Those engaging in corruption and poaching were not spared either. Here are the Images.

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