Bonny Khalwale’s People Eating Soil Alongside Being Infested With Jiggers

A family in Kakamega is finding it very difficult to survive due to lack of food and other basic needs. In an attempt to survive the hunger ordeal, the 12 member family comprising of parents and 10 children has now resorted to feeding on soil. This is the most shameful act to have happened in our country and especially western Kenya considering the area is known for its high productivity of maize.

Poor politics have been blamed for extreme poverty in Kakamega remembering that leaders like senator Bonny Khalwale have been very vocal in making unnecessary political noise yet their people are dying of hunger.

Other than eating soil, the family is also jigger infested. For quite some time now, members of the Kikuyu community especially those from Murang’a have been called all manner of names mainly because of their land being jigger infested. However, what many people fail to understand is that jiggers can attack anyone.

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