Busted! Man Caught Screwing Another Man’s Pregnant Wife

As they say, a woman is only yours when you are with her in the house. However, this should not be reason as to why men prey on other men’s wives when they are away. This is not the first time this is happening as there have been numerous cases of the same before. What is shocking however, is the ever growing trend in this sickening behavior. I don’t know if it is our women who don’t get satisfied or if it is men who can’t just zip up.

A man who appears to be in his 40s was busted in broad daylight squeezing another man’s pregnant wife in a local lodging. This might not be the first time the two were doing this but what I can confirm is that it was their fortieth day. Here are the photos of the man caught squeezing another man’s pregnant wife. It is not clear if the pregnancy is his.

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