Wedding Dress Photos: Is Celina getting Married?

By Eve Kay- August 14, 2015 Lately, Celina has been on the spotlight for all the right reasons, and it is evident that for her, sky is the limit. Furthermore, the fact that she is beautiful has made her gain…

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Chiwawa Throws Insults at Maina Kageni for this Reason

By Eve Kay-August 13, 2015 One of our Kenyan artistes known as Chiwawa has thrown insults at Maina Kageni. He claims that the radio presenter does not play enough Kenyan music at the Classic FM station. He went on social…

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What Octopizzo did before being Famous will Surprise You

By Eve Kay-August 12, 2015 In the past, people did not know about Octopizzo, as he was struggling to make a name for himself. Fortunately, he can now claim that he is one of leading hip-hop stars in Kenya.The rise…

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