Certificates Of Doom: Robert Alai Tried To Stop NTV From Airing Nairobi Aviation’s Expose

Yesterday NTV’s investigative journalist Dennis Okari ran a story on what has been happening at Nairobi aviation in a story named certificates of doom. Right from the start, Alai was against the expose citing witch hunt as the motive behind the expose rather than exposing evils taking place in our colleges.

Blogger Alai went ahead to call NTV and tried to bargain on behalf of Nairobi Aviation so that the story could not be aired. After his tactic failed, he went ahead to publish a list that contained names of journalists who are products of the said Nairobi Aviation and claimed that they should be immediately sacked since they are products of a scam college. Details have emerged that Alai was paid and was just trying to make a living out of the same. His phone conversation with Okari has so far been released to the public.

We are yet to hear what Alai will have to say in response to the same. Here is his conversation with Okari courtesy of Ghafla Kenya.


  • Alai is becoming more and more irrelevant in today’s society. He’s too greedy to stand among genuine bloggers and rights activists. Let him join other irrelevants and get lost in the oblivion. What justification would if have for threatening a fellow Kenyan?

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