Check out the Birthday Message that President Uhuru sent to President Obama

By Eve Kay-August 5, 2015 It was President Barrack Obama’s birthday yesterday August 4 and he turned 54 years old. Born in the year 1961, this great man has accomplished many things that many of his age mates have not managed and will probably never achieve. Upon his visit to Kenya that took place a short while ago, Kenyans were able to know more about the nature of this man who has some of his heritage from Kenya. I personally came to realize that he is just like any other human being and in fact humble than most people. Many people from all around the world sent Obama congratulatory messages on his birthday including our own president. In his tweet, President Uhuru said that “Happy 54th! The Land of your father, #Magical Kenya wishes you many African sunsets, the Mara awaits you!.” This was quite a touching message that was sure to impress the American president.

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