Chiwawa Throws Insults at Maina Kageni for this Reason

By Eve Kay-August 13, 2015

One of our Kenyan artistes known as Chiwawa has thrown insults at Maina Kageni. He claims that the radio presenter does not play enough Kenyan music at the Classic FM station. He went on social media and claimed that Maina Kageni said that the Kenyan music is not up to standards. Furthermore, Maina is not required to like the music, but should just play it since that is what is required of him. Chiwawa even went ahead and threw some personal insults at Maina by telling him that he should just go and drink beer and wait for his salary. He also said that musicians are the reason why radio presenters exist. In my opinion, all this is uncalled for since the station has its own target market and clearly, Chiwawa’s music is not part of it. Chiwawa should instead go to the studio and make music instead of putting the blame on Maina Kageni.

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