Ciku Muiruri has these Harsh Words to Say about Robert Alai: Find Out

By Eve Kay-August 7, 2015

Ciku Muiruri is known for being a tough woman and that she speaks her mind regardless of what other people think. In this case, she wants to put an end to the attention seeking Robert Alai who is always on the limelight for the wrong reasons. Ciku has gone ahead and claimed that Alai is just out to get attention and he is taking advantage of the media. She alleges that Alai is out to obtain money from influential Kenyans by intimidating them and this is not right. Furthermore, according to her this man is indeed a whore based on the recent incident that he had with Moses Kuria.

The rate at which Robert Alai is making enemies is not good and he has to do something to change before it is too late. Ciku seems to be the person that can calm Alai down because he needs to stop what he is doing and do something else with his life.

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