Did Diamond Platnumz And Zari The Boss Lady Marry In Secret?

Tanzanian songwriter and singer Diamond Platnumz is one musician that has gained a lot of popularity thanks to his style of music and choice of words. He is also a man who has a high affinity to the female gender something that has seen him taste several beauties one after another. However, his newest catch, Zari, and with whom he is expecting his first born child, Diamond seems to have reached a final decision because the two are rumored to have moved in together in his new palatial house.

Could the two have tied a note secretly? On his Fabook account, Diamond posted a photo of him and Zari in a colorful wedding gown and captioned it “Wakati Mwingine Usiri Unabaraka zaidi…. Alhamdulillah”. It is not clear if the two formalized their union in a secret wedding or if it is photoshop at play. Here is the photo.


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