Did The Government’s Plan To Bring Down Robert Alai’s Blog Flop? See What The Hired Hacker Did

It has now emerged that the Kenyan government and indeed the office of the president tried to hire Italian hackers to bring down or deface the website associated with blogger Robert Alai. Although the government did not act directly but rather through proxies, the Italian company hired to do the dirty works flatly rejected the request under the pretext that the said website (Kahawa Tungu) is a news website dedicated to fighting corruption.

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In a letter leaked to the media by wikileaks reads in part “The person who wrote us is from a private communication company in Kenya that sells pay TV services, and the URL they asked us to tear down is a news website that is highlighting corruption and other wrongdoings in the Kenya government. I don’t think we want to be involved with this.”

Bring Down or Deface It

To actually prove that the Kenyan government and indeed the office of the president was involved in the july 5th incident, here is what is said to have been communicated to the Italian systems development company. “There is a website we would wish you urgently bring down, either by defacement or by making it completely inaccessible. The website url is http://www.kahawatungu.com. If you can bring this site down, it would serve as a great proof of concept for your capabilities and also provide a means of immediate engagement. Please let me know if this is possible, and how soon you can have it done.”

In rejecting the request, here is what the Italian company replied with in a May 7th email “Due to company policy and international regulations we are not allowed to be directly involved or participate in any Law Enforcement operations.,”

What do you think about this new developments and especially the involvement of the Kenyan government and the OTP? Share your comments below.


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