Emotional Photos: Girl Cries After She Saw President Uhuru Kenyatta Yesterday Leave Katulu Primary School


Yesterday President Uhuru Kenyatta was in Ukambani Machacos county where he was invited by governor Alfred Mutua to launch several projects. During the event, the president announced a drop in electricity connection fees from the usual 35,000/= to 15,000/= which can also be paid in installments.

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It is in the event where the president was captured on camera buying soda from the nearby canteen something that earned him a lot of praises that he is down to earth. However, what is unknown to many is that there was a primary school girl who got emotional after she saw the president leaving without shaking her hand. The girl’s tears moved the president and he requested that the girl be allowed to come shake his hand. It is not known what the president told the girl after the handshake. Here are some photos of what happened.


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