Exam paper from Nairobi Aviation College leaked

NAME:________________ (optional)
YEAR:________________ (optional)
COURSE:______________ (optional)
DATE:__________________ (optional)
(if you cant write, the teacher will write for

TIME: 8am – 5pm

1) a) Is The African Continent A Continent Or A
Country? (6 marks)
b) If It’s A Continent (Which Is It), What Is The
Name Of This Continent?

2) Who Is The President Of Kenya? (4 mks)
A) Kenyatta B) Uhuru C) Uhuru Kenyatta D)
Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta

3) Read Below And Answer The Question:
Kamau Has Three And A Half Buckets Of Milk.
He Gives His Good Friend Abongo Three
Quarters Of It. A Third Of The Remaining Half
Of A Quarter He Sells At The Local Market (At A
Loss No Less). He Consumes Three Pints Of
What Is Left. The Rest He Divides Equally Amongb
His Seven Children And The Cat Which Gets A
Third Less Than What Any Of His Sons Got
Question: What Animals Produce Milk?

4) ‘A Fish Can’t Ride A Bicycle’ Explain. (4mks)
5) If Birds Fly, Animals Run And Fish Swim,
What Do Birds Do? (2mks)

6) Form A Word With The Following Letters
D,O,G (10mks)
(E.G. Dog, God) : _______________.

8) How Do You Spell The Word:
Hermaphrodite?:__________________ (8mks)

9) If A Cow Has Four Legs, How Many Legs Does
A Baby Cow Have? (4 mks)

10) Omondi Sells Fish At The Local Market For A
Certain Fixed Amount. Aluoch Also Sells Fish At
The Same Market For A Price Not Exceeding That
Of Omondi. Onyango Also At The Same Market
Sells Fish At A Price At Par Of Omondi And
Acheing’s! Which Of The Three Sells Fish The
Most Expensive? (15mks)

12) Write An Essay beginning with I study in
Nairobi aviation college…: Or Else Count Fingers
On Your Hands. (15mks)

send 3000 ksh to 0722222222 and receive a
certificate in credit b b navy & – gjjk
NOTE: To Pass This Test You Must At Least Write
Your Name On The Paper.

The above hilarious exam test is courtesy of teacher Wanjiku. She shared it on her Facebook wall.

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