Facts that you did not know about Rabbit Kaka Sungura: Find Out

By Eve Kay-July 30, 2015

Rabbit is one the most notable musicians in Kenya and he has come a long way to be where he is today. He has given Kenyans many wonderful tracks and right now, he seems to be the most talked about musician in Kenya. He is indeed extremely talented and based on a recent tweet it seems that Rabbit’s talent dates to some time back when he was quite young. In fact, the tweet was by none other than the gospel artiste known as Bahati. He wrote the tweet upon having spoken to Rabbit’s mother. She said that Rabbit was quite a creative young boy who attended Sunday school and he grew up in a Christian home. Furthermore, while in Sunday school, he was responsible for drawing images of Jesus that were later on put on the leaflets to be used by the Sunday school children. Indeed Rabbit is a man of many talents and we cannot wait to see what more he has in store for us.

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