This is the Hilarious Photo of Govenernor Kidero’s Trousers

When people are going for public functions, they need to dress well and look the part because many people will be ready to scrutinize them. A recent event that took place at the Starehe Boys Center and it was attended…

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Is the Gay Man Fashionable: Truth or Cliche’? (Photos)!!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 16, 2015 A common cliché claims that most gay men are extremely stylish, and I seem to agree with this statement. The gay men usually tend to display either feminine or masculine traits, and this will affect…

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The Bandana Craze in Kenya: Its Real Meaning!!!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 15, 2015 Kenyans have been rocking bandanas for a long time, and people from different social classes commonly use them. It is easy to spot the house help putting on her yellow bandana or even seeing a…

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