Finally we get the Chance to Meet the Man in Sarah Hassan’s Life

By Eve Kay-August 10, 2015

It is the nature of human beings to have the urge to find out about, which people are dating and this is an issue that I have never really understood. I prefer to mind my own business, but for the sake of all those that like to know about such things I will be there to provide the information that they need. Sarah Hassan is one such lady that does not let the public know about her personal life and even her relationships. She is indeed a role model that proves that it is better to lay low when it comes to such matters. However, this has all changed as Sarah has now made use of the social media platform to let people know that there might be a man in her life. It is alleged that the man is known as Martin Ndale and nothing much is known about him for now. I hope that as time progresses, the two will give us some details concerning their relationship.

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