Find Out How the Grass meant for Obama is Now being Taken Care Off

By Eve Kay-August 13, 2015

Everyone remembers the day that Nairobi came to a standstill, it was when the American president came to Kenya. It was as if the messiah was indeed coming. It was a time that Nairobi came to a standstill and all sorts of preparations were made to ensure that Obama would find the city looking as good as possible. However, the planning was not done well as the grass was not grown at the appropriate time. Fortunately, Governor Kidero continues to pursue the best interest of the grass. He has now employed the services of some environmental specialists and they will be responsible for taking care of the grass. They have even been given the right to arrest all the individuals that will be found guilty of littering and stepping on grass. The governor deserves a pat on the shoulder for all his effort in making sure that the city is beautiful and clean.

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