Find Out: Is this the End of Big Brother Africa?

By Eve Kay- July 27, 2015

For quite some time the Big Brother Africa show has graced the television screens of many Kenyans who would dare to watch it. However, there are some rumors going on that BBA might not take place this year because of a number of reasons. It is claimed that there is lack of enough sponsorship and without the sponsors, BBA cannot take place. In order to host such a reality show, many funds are needed and it seems that this year, the sponsors have decided to take a back seat on this issue.

Anne Sackey, a Multi Choice official released a statement claiming that BBA will not take place this year. She however, did not give any reasons for the claims that she made concerning the issue. It is quite unfortunate that we will not see the show that has produced some of the best socialites in Africa and one of them being Huddah Monroe.

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