Find Out the Outrageous Amount that Philip Moi has to Pay his Ex-Wife

By Eve Kay-July 31, 2015

It is high time that people think twice before they decide to get married, and especially because of the existing law concerning divorce. In this case, Philip Moi is in trouble as his ex wife Pluda Moi wants to be given 90 million shillings an amount that most people would dream about. It is no wonder that she has gone to the courts in order to obtain this insane amount. In case this does not take place, she wanted to be given a house in one of the many posh estates in Nairobi as well 30 million. Such demands can make a sane person become crazy by just thinking about it.

Philip Moi has in turn, filed for bankruptcy, and this means that he claims that he does not have money. However, the courts have made it clear that he has to pay her a monthly upkeep of 150000 shillings. I hope that this amount can be able to maintain her current lifestyle.

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