Find Out Which Leading International R&B Musician is Coming to Kenya

By Eve Kay-August 10, 2015

It seems that one of the leading R&B acts of our time might be coming to Kenya to perform. The individual is none other than Shaffer Chimee Smith popularly known as Ne-Yo. I am sure that this news has got many people excited, and especially the women who seem to be his greatest fans. He will be the grand act at the Coke Studio Season Finale that will be held sometime before the year comes to an end. It is unfortunate that the one of my favorite musicians if not my best was not given the chance to perform. I am talking about the man himself known as Kendrick Lamar. I will just have to settle for Ne-Yo as there is nothing that I can do about this. In fact, it would be great if Ne-Yo could be able to collaborate with one of our own Kenyan musicians such as Rabbit Kaka Sungura.

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