First it was Zari Hassan and now Huddah Monroe has Baby Fever

By Eve Kay-July 30, 2015

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, who is also Diamond Platinumz wife, is pregnant with her fourth child. She is still looking as gorgeous and lovely as usual, and it seems that the pregnancy has had a good effect on her unlike many other women who are often left traumatized. The baby fever has now caught up with one of our Kenyan socialites known as Huddah Monroe. She recently posted a photo of her and a little girl and they were all dressed in the same outfit. In fact, they looked quite similar except for obvious reasons. Huddah also commented on Zari’s photos on social media and she was seen claiming that she wanted to have her very own baby. People responded back by telling her that she indeed needs to do exactly that.

I can just imagine if Huddah was to have a child, he or she would be the most dressed up and pampered child. I am now crossing my fingers that this takes place soon.

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