Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo Is Being Sought By Police. Here Is Why The MP Might Be Put Behind Bars Soon

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo is a man on the run after a woman sued him for child negligence. According to the woman, she has been having an affair with Jirongo but after getting the baby, the former lawmaker abandoned her to take care of her kid alone.

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On May 15th, the woman alleges to have contacted Mr Jirongo and informed him that she will be passing by his office so that the one year old baby could connect with his father. Upon meeting Jirongo in his office, the woman left the kid with his father and went to buy some diapers and medicines since she was not feeling well.

Closed His Office

It is at this point where Jirongo is said to have closed his office and left with the kid to an unknown location. When attempts to reach Mr Jirongo proved futile, the woman filed a case at Nairobi’s Children’s Magistrate Court where a warrant of arrest was issued by Nairobi Children’s Court Senior Resident Magistrate D.K Kuto. On his part, Mr Jirongo alleges that the woman abandoned the kid at his office and ran away.

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