Gloria Muliro’s Ex Husband on the Spotlight Again

By Eve Kay- July 30, 2015

Marriages are meant to last forever in an ideal world, but this can never happen in the times that we live in. Divorce and separation is an issue that officially brings an end to marriages and it can happen to anyone regardless of who they are. In this case, Gloria Muliro split from her husband Pastor Eric Omba because it was alleged that he was engaging in acts of adultery despite the two of them being married. Such incidents are a cause of shame and anguish to the innocent spouse, and especially if they are on the limelight as in the case of Gloria Muliro.

Muliro’s ex husband Pastor Eric Omba has officially announced his new status and he is now single as seen on social media. Now that all this is out in the open, everyone needs to continue with his or her life. They are all capable of finding other partners that can give them what they are searching for.

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