Hacked or Not Hacked? Communication Authority Clarifies on Hope FM’s Hacking Issue

Yesterday, members of the Christian community especially those who listen to Hope FM were surprised when the station suddenly switched to Muslim Broadcasts before being switched off completely for a while. Most Kenyans especially those on twitter were of the view that the station had been hacked by Islamic Cyber criminals taking into account that the station on Fridays airs teachings that are believed to be against Muslim teachings.

According to the information given by the Communication Authority (CA), the station was not hacked but was rather switched off by its technicians who were undertaking maintenance. The said technicians are said to have only switched off the studio transmitter but forgot to do the same for the receiver. This led to their receivers picking broadcasts from other transmitters and transmitting them through their broadcast channels.

The Communication Authority has urged the station managers to update its listeners to stop the speculations. It is just the other day that the Star’s Website is believed to have been hacked by Al-Shabaabs where it displayed the militia’s flag before being removed.

Could this be the beginning of an increase in cyber crime in Kenya? Only time will tell.

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