Here are the Photos of DJ Mo’s Hot Sister that you need to See

By Eve Kay- July 21, 2015

Many of the Kenyan entertainers have the tendency of not flaunting their family members in the mainstream media. They prefer to keep them away from the lime light, but sometimes-curious Kenyans want to know more about the lives of their celebrities. Dj Mo who is married to the beautiful songstress Size 8 tends to shy away from the media. In fact, most people only get the chance to see him when he is performing in various events. Most recently, he surprised many people when he posted photos of his sister upon wishing her a happy birthday. He wrote a sweet message and from the message, it seems that the two are extremely close.

Upon seeing the photos that DJ Mo posted, it is evident that the two have quite a resemblance and they are indeed brother and sister. Indeed, DJ Mo has proven once again that he is a guy that other men need to look up to.

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