Here are the Photos of the Beautiful Daughter of Auma Obama

By Eve Kay-July 29, 2015

Auma Obama was the woman that got the most attention during president Osama’s recent visit to Kenya. She and her brother embraced each other warmly when she first welcomed Obama at the airport, and they were seen together most of the time. Kenyans do not know much about her and let me be the one to inform you about her. Auma is well educated and is even a PHD holder and apart from that, she is married and even has a beautiful daughter referred to as Akinyi. You need to have a look at these photos to know what I am talking about.

index 1index 2

index 3

The daughter is beautiful just like her mother, and she is part of the powerful Obama family. It even seems that beauty runs in the family and we hope that she is a nice person just like her mother. Now many Kenyans know most of the people that are related to Obama.

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