Here is the Hottest and Most Fashionable Preacher in Kenya

By Eve Kay-July 29, 2015

People are used to seeing the usual middle aged and not so fashionable preachers that lead the Kenyan churches. However, a certain young preacher who goes by the name Reverend Lucy Natasha has dispelled this myth. She is a preacher at the Glory Ministries International and Interdenominational Outreach Ministry. She is known to many because of her gift of speaking and this has made her congregation to increase quite drastically. Many people and especially the men that go to her church can attest to the fact that she is extremely beautiful. Could this even be the reason why many young men flock to her church? Here are some photos of the beautiful lady:

image 1image 2

 It is refreshing to see that even preachers and pastors have embraced fashion, and I am proud of them. Rev Lucy Natasha is a perfect example that proves that you can serve God and still be able to dress well without having to be provocative. 

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