Hilarious: Kalonzo Musyoka Called out for being Stingy

By Eve Kay-August 3, 2015

Most of the Kenyan politicians and especially those that have been in the game for a long time are all known to be rich and some even wealthy. By taking a sneak look at their personal lives, you will realize that they live lavish lifestyles and this is not a secret. In this case, it seems that a local long time politician has shown that he can indeed be stingy based upon a certain incident that took place and you will be the judge of this. In a meeting that was attended by some young Kenyans together with the politician, the food served was a reason for one of them to call out the politician.

The young woman known as Ashley Mutheu claimed that the politician bought for them chips worth 70 shillings and he even went to the extent of bargaining until they were bought at 65 shillings each for a packet. Ashley went ahead and posted about this incident on social media and many Kenyans responded back. I just hope that the politician is not facing hard times and now has to buy for people cheap chips.


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