HOMABAY: Moses Kajwang Continues To Face Rejection

The Homabay senatorial race is said to be rocked with all manner of hostility especially for one Moses Kajwang. Residents who seem not to be in support of Moses Kajwang’s candidature have been treating his campaign team to a hostile reception in almost every market they visit for the campaigns.

Yesterday, Kajwang’s campain team faced a lot of resistance at Oring’ market where at least two people are said to have been injured. It must also be noted that ever since the start of the campaigns, several people including “Waheshimiwas” have been injured in the campaigns something that has made some of them to withdraw their support for Moses. Engineer Phillip Okundi is deemed to be the man giving ODM headache in Homabay as residents strongly believe that he is the man who will fight corruption in the county.

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