Huddah Monroe Hits Back at Vera Sidika and Other Haters

By Eve Kay-August 6, 2015

In my opinion, the Kenyan socialites are not enough and the only few that exist spend their time trying to establish their supremacy. Just a few days ago, Huddah Monroe was on the spotlight because it was established that she is not a farmer and was only lying to people to get their attention. In turn, many people condemned her and she received a lot of backlash and this might be the reason she decided to respond back to the haters. It is alleged that Vera Sidika is one of the socialites that ridiculed Huddah and the battle continued.

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Huddah went on social media to make her point known and from what she wrote it seems that she was quite angry while at the same time claiming that she is the queen of socialites. She wants people to know that she does not care about they have to say as in the end they do not matter to her. I am siding with her this time as regardless of what people think about her, she will do what she wants.

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