Huddah Monroe In Beyond Zero Campaign? Not The Best. Period!

First lady Maggie Kenyatta has been spearheading a worthwhile campaign ever since President Kenyatta took over the leadership of this nation. Of late, she has sought the help of celebrities to boost support for the campaign. However, in my own opinion, the first lady for the first time has gotten it wrong by seeking to use brand Huddah Monroe as one of the celebrities behind the campaign.

As much as you would like to convince me that the project aims at achieving zero deaths at birth, incorporating Huddah in the campaign by virtue of her being a woman and commanding a huge following in the social media was not enough reason to have her in the project. It must be remembered that Huddah has failed to respect motherhood by splashing the internet with her nudes. She is one woman who is full of controversies and does not seem to inspire the best direction to our young ladies and girls.

What inspiration does Huddah bring to the campaign? Give birth safely then teach all our baby girls how to be a star by stripping nude and then posting the photos online? If Maggie had exhausted all the good female role models we have in the country, then I would with much less effort support brand Huddah.

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