Huddah Monroe is a Liar and Here is the Proof

By Eve Kay-August 4, 2015

In order to capture the attention of people, socialites tend to post their many photos on social media to show off their extravagant life. By doing this, they gain many followers and especially those that are impressed by material things. It is no wonder that the socialites will go the furthest extent to make sure that people know that they are indeed doing well. In this particular instance, one such socialite known as Huddah Monroe has been viciously attacked by the Kenyans on Twitter after she posted some photos that were later on discovered as being fake.

 Huddah claimed that she is a farmer and in order to prove this she posted some photos that show certain aspects of farming. Unfortunately, one of the people who saw the Instagram photos was actually the person who took the photos. It means that Huddah had used another individual’s photos and claimed that they were hers. This is indeed shameful and it is obvious that she will do anything just to show people that she is rich. 

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