Imagine being Born with no Genitalia: How Life can be Frustrating

By Eve Kay-July 17, 2015

When a child is being born, it is most times assumed that they will come out normal, but this is not always the case. Some children are quite unlucky and they are born with some unbearable physical challenges. This was the case when a young boy from Homa Bay County was born without having a penis. In rural Kenya, such incidents are associated with witchcraft and this is what the parents of the boy blamed the abnormality on.

Such health issues are common in Kenya and all over the world, and it is also important for this issue to be addressed. Children born with the deformities can be able to obtain help from the relevant health care facilities that provide such services. For example, as much as 200000 Kenya shillings can help pay for medical treatment to correct the problem. Therefore, having no genitalia when being born is not a curse, but by seeking treatment the problem can be solved.

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