National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale

Is National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale The Enemy Within?

It is barely two days since National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale led a team of leaders from the North Eastern region in promising the country that within a month they will have documented and released the names of Al-Shabaab sympathizers and financiers. Most of us started questioning why it took so long for the said leaders to come up with such an idea. Why did they wait for our 147 students to be killed so that they can name the said Al-Shabaab financiers? This is a question that most Kenyans are seeking answers for.

Garissa University Attack Mastermind is Duale’s Relative

Kenyans on twitter make an army that can drive change in this country. They have always pressurized the government to take action and in most cases, the government bows to their pressure. At the moment, using the hash tag #ArrestDuale, KOT are seeking the arrest and further questioning of Duale so that he can shade light on the matter. This is after it emerged that the mastermind of the Garissa University attack Mohammed Mahamoud is Duale’s relative.

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Go Bomb Other Places Like Machakos

It must also be remembered that after a series of attacks at Nairobi’s Eastleigh area, the government went out to flush out Al-Shabaab operatives who were believed to be living in the area. During this time, Duale was captured on camera telling members of the Somali community to stop Bombing Eastleigh and go to other places like Machakos. True to his word, Eastleigh became peaceful to date. However, things shifted to North Eastern Region. What does Duale know about the attacks? Here is what Kenyans on twitter think about this man.

Donald B Kipkorir @DBK017
Have always said Duale could be the enemy within. And truth be told, all leaders from Garissa and Mandera need vetting. #ArrestDuale

Nkosinathi-Buthelezi @kenyanzulu
RT “@moderncorps: #GarissaAttack mastermind Mohamed Mohamud is a very close relative of Adan Duale.#ArrestDuale

Wilson Sossion @sossionsgKNUT
Someone who told me “WALIMU SIO WA MAMAYAKO!” claims to know financiers of Alshabab. Wants 30 days to name them. DO IT NOW #ArrestDuale

Boni Khalwale @BoniMtetezi
We must ask the hard questions to secure Kenya. We are leaving no stones unturned

Boni Khalwale @BoniMtetezi
Who has seen Duale? He must answer this. Why has it taken him all this time to come up with a list? What is he hiding? #ArrestDuale

Steve Ogut @SteveOgut
#ArrestDuale if #KOT tweets are anything to go by,he should silently resign before we squeeze the sh*t out of him.nkt

#ArrestDuale he should stop selling charcoal in somalia no wonder he does not want govt to withdraw KDF from there

so these terrorist is related to Aden Duale no wonder he defends Alshabaab #ArrestDuale once and for all he could be one of them

modern kenyan corps @moderncorps
The FACT is, Aden Duale and some North Eastern leaders have links with senior Alshabaab commanders in somalia. Let the govt #ArrestDuale

Boni Khalwale @BoniMtetezi
Like I said Aden Duale knows more than he has even told us. Arrest Duale!

Felix patric @felicspatric
@BoniMtetezi Duale shld be jailed and made to pay for the lives lost @HonAdenDuale #ArrestDuale


  • We as the people of Garissa county are wondering why government is not measuring his sensitive talks on security matters, like the day he said “we have vigilant group who work with the security team in Garissa town” he was telling Kenyans through media. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact date it was but it was before last general election when Garissa town was burning. In fact everyday there were shooting ,we are wondering who were the vigilant group? What were they doing?

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