Is the Gay Man Fashionable: Truth or Cliche’? (Photos)!!!!!

By Eve Kay-July 16, 2015

A common cliché claims that most gay men are extremely stylish, and I seem to agree with this statement. The gay men usually tend to display either feminine or masculine traits, and this will affect how they will dress. In my opinion, the feminine gay men dress quite flamboyantly and if I may say, I envy them in a way. One such gay man that dresses quite stylishly, and in the latest designer labels is EJ Johnson of the ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ reality series. For those of you who have no idea about who I am talking about, he is the son of the famous Magic Johnson a basketball legend.

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In these pictures, you can clearly understand why I think that gay men are more stylish than the heterosexual man.

image 1

image 2

I believe that I have valid reasons to claim that gay men are indeed fashionable, and this is the truth.


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