PHOTOS! Is there Love in the Air between David the Student and a Popular Citizen TV News Anchor?

By Eve Kay-July 17, 2015

When two people are seen going out even if it is for coffee or dinner and especially if they are celebrities people tend to assume quite a lot. People do not want to believe that it is possible for two people to just have dinner together. The latest news in the media is that on Tuesday night, David the Student and Terryanne Chebet were seen together having dinner at a top restaurant in Nairobi. They seemed to be having a good time based on how they interacted and they were having a fun time. Below is one of the photos of the two posing for a photo at the restaurant.

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And even before the date above, there was this

It might be too early to judge if there is any love being brewed between the two, but from what was evident, we should not be quick to judge. However, we do not mind the two being an item as they seem to complement each other.

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