It’s a Sad Day as Chantelle of the ‘Tokelezea’ Hit Song Loses her Little One

By Eve Kay-July 31, 2015

It is quite a joyous and happy occasion when a child is born and the mother is usually the ones that experiences the most excitement. It can even be worse when the death of the child takes place as most people claim that parents should never bury their children. In this sad occasion, the musician known as Chantelle together with her husband are now facing hard times, as they have to mourn the loss of their child. The baby was born some time during the beginning of the year, and has now gone to be with the Lord.

Many people and especially those in the Kenyan limelight have sent their condolence to this couple. I personally want to send my condolence as well as hope everything will go on well for them. May the Lord be with this young family as this trying moment in time.

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