It’s Official: This is President Uhuru’s Stance on Gay Issues

By Eve Kay-July 28, 2015

The gay rights issue has been on the lips of most Kenyans as they have different opinions concerning it. Some people support it while others are opposed to it, and during the recent visit of president Obama to Kenya, many expected him to address the issue. However, he did not say much concerning the issue as he only said that human beings have to be treated equally. If they are not, certain things can happen and they are bound to have a negative impact.

Fortunately, President Uhuru was quick to address the situation and said that the issue of gay rights is not important and there are far better things to concentrate on. He continued to say that Americans and Kenyans have different values, and they are still yet to fully accept each other’s values. Many people responded by praising president Uhuru and especially those that are religious and do not support the gay rights.

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