Jamaican Man Offers The Most Outrageous Offer In Order To Get Malia Obama

What started as a big joke is now turning out to be a serious international issue now. It all started with Ruto’s lawyer, Kiprono Mategei, who offered 50 cows in order to get Malia’s hand in marriage. Then came the old Maasai moran who offered 500 cows. As if that is not enough, a Caribbean man has now come up with the most outrageous offer one can give as dowry.

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According to an entertainment blog in Jamaica, a middle aged man is now offering his 10 acres of Marijuana to the first family in order to have his 17 year old son marry Malia. To show his seriousness on the issue, the man claims that he tried to meet president Obama and discuss the issue when he toured Jamaica recently but he could not access him. What do you think about our men considering that Malia is only 16?



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