Kenyan Celebrities React To The Death Of Mzee Ojwang. See Details

When word went round that former vitimbi actor mzee Ojwang was no more, Kenyans and celebrities at large took to social to mourn the fallen legend. Here is what top Kenyan celebrities had to say about the fallen hero.

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Boneye: Mzee Ojwang Hatari Sibour man’nga’nga Mbrrrrrrr!!! You filled my childhood with laughter.

Pumzika Salama mzee wetu.

Jalango: Grew up with you as a great mentor….Rest is well

Joe muchiri: RIP the Legendary pioneer TV Actor #MzeeOjwang

Avril: We’ve lost a legend tonight. Rest in peace Mzee Ojwang..

Wahu Kagwi: Rest in peace mzee Ojwang. We loved you but the Lord loved you more. Thank you for sharing your life with us, making us laugh, and paving the way for other comedians.

Sudi boy: Tulikupenda sana ila mungu alikupenda zaidi mungu ailaze rohayake mahala pema peponi R.I.P

DJ Creme Dela Creme: Sleep Forever Well.. Mzee Ojwang …You worked so hard to put smiles on our faces … Today We Celebrate your Life .. Always and Forever .RIP

Nyota Ndogo: Dunia mapito jamani tuwaombeeni MUNGU waliokifa waende salama mimi nawe tupo hatujui siku yetu lini.nachotakiwa tuishi kwaamani duniani.RIP MZEE BABA KAYAI

Big Pin Jatelo: So sad to lose MZEE OJWANG thanks for entertaining us…#LEGEND #comedy has lost a pioneer…R.I.P

Frasha: Always give your flowers to a person that you appreciate while they are alive .R.I.P mzeee ojwang


Kanze dena: R.I.P Mzee Ojwang

Oga Obinna: Is it true???Mzee ojwang hatari is dead.he succumbed to wht is said to be pneumonia today 8pm at the kenyatta national hospital where he had been rushed earlier today.

Sleepy David: RIP Mzee Ojwang’ You are a true legend we will surely miss you and Celebrate you.

Sauti sol: Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mzee Ojwanj’ who has passed away. We will forever remember watching you on TV – one of the greatest Kenyan comedians! We pray for your family and celebrate you always #RIPMzeeOjwang #Vitimbi Kenyan classics!

Juacali: R.I.P Mzee Ojwang tutakumiss sana #theGOAT

DJ Mo: You are a true legend ,we will miss you .RIP Mzee Ojwang

Tallia Oyando: #RipMzeeOjwang #BensonWanjau #Legend

Amina: If like me you grew up in the 90’s, then the BEST programme to watch on TV was Vitimbi. Mzee Ojwang & Mama Kayai made thousands of Kenyans laugh for many years but today we mourn. We mourn the loss of an Icon & pioneer in the Kenyan art scene. Hearing the news of his passing literally broke my heart #RIPMzeeOjwang

Corazon Kwamboka: RIP mzee ojwang’ you played a big role in my childhood life. Your legacy shall live on. Life is too short damn!

DJ Sadic: R.I.P Mzee Ojwang!!! Safiri salama, msalimu Maulana…Tutaonana baadae.

Brenda Wairimu: ❤❤❤❤❤ R.I.P ❤❤❤❤❤

Rashid Abdalla: #R.I.P Wakenya tujifunzeni “kuzikana tungali hai”. Vyema tuvienzi na kuvithamini wakati wa raha na shida, afya njema na ugonjwa. Mzee Ojwang @bensonwanjau ulitupa tabasamu katika uhai wako nami nakuombea Mola akakupe tabasamu uko uendako.Nenda salama.


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