Kenyan Girl Causes A Star On Youtube For Claiming Not To Know Swahili

A Kenyan girl going by the name Winnie Mang’eni has been trending on Youtube for claiming not to know Swahili. According to her, she was born and raised in England to a point of not knowing and understanding Swahili language. She further claims that she has been receiving online messages in Swahili something she is not happy with due to the fact that she does not understand the language.

What seems amazing is how the girl says “Sielewi” and even sings and dances to the famous SautiSol Jam “Sura yangu”. The main point that most people miss in the video is the sarcasm that she intends to pass. In just less than 2 weeks, the Youtube video had received close to 50,000 views. What is your take in this? Kindly watch the video below.

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