Kenyans on Twitter Ruthlessly Attack President Kagame

By Eve Kay-August 12, 2015

By now, many people from all over the world know about Kenyans on Twitter, and how opinionative they can be. They are not afraid to speak their mind and it does not matter whom they are letting their opinions known about. For example, a while back, the KOT attacked CNN after it came up with wrong information about Kenya when president Obama was about to visit this nation. This time, the KOT are focused of another issue and it involves the president of Rwanda Paul Kagame. The Rwandese president has declared that he wants to become his nation’s president for life. It means that there will not be a specified time for any individual that wants to become a president in his country. His remarks outraged the KOT and they responded back quite harshly. For example, one KOT tweeted that he will ruin his legacy if he goes ahead and becomes president for another term.

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