List Of Properties Fradulently Obtained By Governor Isaac Ruto

Ever since president Uhuru Kenyatta gave his state of the nation speech in parliament last week, and thereafter handed a secret list of those alleged to have participated in corrupt dealings to the speaker of the national assembly Justin Bedan Muturi, there has been ongoing debate on what next for those mentioned. Bomet governor Isaac Ruto happens to be one of the 10 governors implicated by the said report. However, Ruto has been quick to dismiss the allegation and even at some point said he will never step aside for investigations since he does not serve at the mercies of the president.

Looted not less that sh. 800 million

Details have since emerged on what led to the inclusion of Ruto’s name in this list of shame. According to the dossier, Rutto has looted not less that Sh 800 million which he has used to enrich himself by acquiring property and other business investments.

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The dossier further details some of the properties acquired by Governor Isaac Ruto within the two years he has been in office. Here are some of the properties mentioned in the report:

  • Bought 40 earth movers at a cost of sh. 400 million. The said earth movers are for his construction company.
  • Bought a personal chopper at a cost of sh.300 million to facilitate his own movement.
  • Bought a palatial home in Nairobi at a cost of about sh. 33 million.
  • He operates several petrol stations in the city.

Quick to blame political opponents for the allegations

Governor Isaac Ruto has been quick to blame his political opponents including the deputy president Hon. William Samoei Ruto for being linked to corruption. He says his continued opposition to the merging of URP and TNA to form JAP has made some people uncomfortable with him and thus have set ways to clip his political wings.

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